Lirik Lagu The Good Witch Maisie Peters

lirik lagu the good witch maisie peters – Pada tanggal 23 Juni 2023 lalu, Maisie Peters, seorang penyanyi dan penulis lagu asal Inggris, menampilkan lagu baru yang berjudul “The Good Witch”.

Lagu ini termasuk dalam album terbarunya yang juga diberi judul “The Good Witch”. Album ini telah tersedia di berbagai layanan streaming musik digital, sehingga seluruh lagunya dapat didengarkan.

Berikut adalah lirik dari lagu “The Good Witch” oleh Maisie Peters yang kami kutip dari situs azlyrics:


Still me here, d’you think I forgot about you

Still upset, but now I’m twenty two

Let’s call this, the calm before the storm comes rushing through

And it’s Armageddon

Still decoy, still a good witch with her tea

Still bitter, still don’t play the black keys

Still wants to politely and properly warn you


This is Armageddon


When all I do is think about the past

And haunt a house nobody lives in

You wanna hear about it, oh where do I start


I guess when it kicks in


Still Kings Cross, and pulling heartbreak out of hats

Still argue like my mother and suppress stuff like my dad

Still miss you, but I know now it will pass

Found some other muses, I give them all my best

I light another candle and I chant under my breath

That I will try forgiveness, but I will not forget, not forget, not forget, not forget

Am I better yet?


When all I do is think about the past

Make it a universe that you can live in

You wanna hear from all the people in my heart

Well OK, when it kicks in


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